The most secretive place and venue in London, where you can try the forbidden fruit while enjoying one of the most excellent drinks. A fresh new venue for the high-end crowd of London’s nightlife. Scandal is next to Oxford Circus, right in the centre of London. Due to its exclusivity and its demand, our London Table Booking concierge can bring you close to your VIP treatment. We highly recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

    Scandal London is hosting weekly live acts, new shows and hot performances. Already home for the top artists, be prepared to see famous people and the elite of London. However, you will be able to join the party easily at Scandal!
    Our concierge will take care of everything, from reserving your drink table to make sure you get on the Scandal Club Guestlist. Also, we can book you a table where you can enjoy the VIP privileges at its maximum, through the Scandal Table Booking!

    The interior makes you think about the Red Light District of Amsterdam. Sensuality and prohibition are Scandal own signature. The high-class is attracted to this unique venue. The dancefloor, the music and the vibe is one of a kind, the bar and everything inside will dive you in the decadent vibe of the club!

    Scandal Entry Fee

    Ladies on the Scandal Club Guestlist that come before 11 pm may enter for free while gentlemen have to pay £20. All guests should be more than 21, with an ID. Innaporiate behaviour is unaccepted.

    Scandal Club Dress Code

    The Scandal Dress Code is glamorous, sexy and of course, elegant. High heels, black dressed and smart and casual outfit for the gentlemen. Dress to impress and come with your best attitude!

    Come to Scandal and discover the venue hidden in the heart of London and party in a big way with our Scandal Guestlist booking and table booking!

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    Bottle List

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      • Dom Perignon£490
      • Dom Perignon P2 Black Label£940
      • Dom Perignon Magnum£1500
      • Dom Perignon JEROBOAM£6500
      • Dom Perignon METHUSELAH£16500
      • Krug Grande Cuvee£550
      • Krug Grande Cuvee Magnum£1650
      • Krug Grande Cuvee JEROBOAM£6700


      • Dom Perignon Rose£850
      • Dom Perignon Rose Magnum£2400
      • Dom Perignon Rose JEROBOAM£14500
      • Krug Rose£950
      • Krug Rose Magnum£2800
      • Krug Rose JEROBOAM£7500
      • Moet Nectar Rose Magnum£850


      • Belvedere£375
      • Belvedere Magnum£690
      • Belvedere JEROBOAM£1500
      • Belvedere METHUSELAH£2800
      • Ciroc Vodka£375
      • Ciroc Vodka Magnum£690
      • Ciroc Vodka JEROBOAM£1500
      • Ciroc Vodka METHUSELAH£2800
      • Grey Goose£375
      • Grey Goose VX£550
      • Grey Goose Magnum£690
      • Grey Goose La Lumiere£690
      • Grey Goose Rehoboam£2300


      • Bombay Sapphire£320
      • Hendricks£350
      • Tanqueray£400



      • Jack Daniels£375
      • Jack Daniels Single Barrel£440
      • Jack Daniels Magnum£650
      • Maker's Mark£375
      • Woodford Reserve£350


      • Glenmorangie Original£375
      • Glenmorangie Lasanta£375
      • Glenmorangie 18£725
      • Haig Club£420
      • Lagavulin 16£400


      • Bacardi Superior£310
      • Bacardi Oro£310
      • Bacardi 8£375
      • Havana Club 15£575
      • Pampero Aniversario£350
      • Ron Zacapa 23£440
      • Woods£350


      • Hennessy XO£600
      • Hennessy Paradis Extra£2975
      • Richard Hennessy£6400


      • Don Julio 1940£800
      • Patron XO£350
      • Patron Reposado£350
      • Patron Anejo£400
      • Patron Silver£350
      • Gran Patron Platinum£1275
      • Gran Patron Burdeos£1275



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