Luxx Club London

    Luxx Club London is the lastest futuristic venue in the heart of Mayfair. It is located in Berkley Square, near the most exquisite restaurant and bars. Luxx is attracting all the young elite of London to party in a modern and exclusive setting. The team behind the new venue aim to combine one of a kind party experience with a 5-star customer service. The new Luxx London is going to host otherworldly shows, top artists and international DJs spinning the best hip-hop and R&B hits. Luxx is more than one nightclub. It’s the meeting place for the high-end crowd of Mayfair. Certainly, you will see famous personalities, celebrities in the VIP area. We can guarantee the luckiest to get in will have an unforgettable night at Luxx Club London.

    Nevertheless, to get the most of the Luxx London Club, you should be on our Luxx Guestlist or book one table with Luxx table booking. We offer all the information you need on London Table Booking, from the club’s location to the VIP map and Luxx bottle menu. However, for a quick and reliable guest list, you should contact our concierge manager, and they will be on hand for you and your group. Get excellent treatment and leave yourself in the hands of professionals for one special night!

    Luxx entry policy

    Luxx Guestlist and tables booking is mandatory to get access. The club operates table service with reservation beforehand every week  from Thursday to Saturday. Therefore,  for any additional requirement or last-minute booking, don’t hesitate to book through us. We are providing guestlist for Luxx Club London at any time. 

    Luxx Door policy 

    As all of Mayfair’s exclusive venues, the club door selection is essential. Dress to impress and show up with your best outfit. Heels for ladies are a must, while gentlemen can opt for a casual and elegant outfit with  and classy shoes. Come and join our party at Luxx Club now and try one extraterrestrial experience with our Guestlist and VIP tables! 

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    Bottle List

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    Bottle Menu

      Dom Perignon

      • Dom Pérignon Rosé£890
      • Dom Pérignon Rosé Magnum£2,500
      • Dom Pérignon Rosé Magnum£15,300
      • Dom Pérignon Luminous£510
      • Dom Pérignon Luminous Magnum£1,500
      • Dom Pérignon Luminous Jéroboam£6,600
      • Dom Pérignon Luminous Methuselah£17,000


      • Perrier Joulet Belle Epoque Luminous£510
      • Perrier Joulet Belle Epoque Magnum£1,580
      • Perrier Joulet Belle Epoque Jeroboam£6,800
      • Dom Ruinart£500
      • Ruinart Blanc de Blanc£850
      • Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame£500
      • Veuve Clicquot Vintage£450
      • Veuve Clicquot Rose Vintage£520


      • Don Julio 1942£880
      • Don Julio Reposado£360
      • Don Julio Reposado Anejo£380
      • Don Julio Blanco£350


      • Belvedere Pure£400
      • Belvedere Pink Grape Fruit£430
      • Belvedere Citrus£430
      • Belvedere Unfiltered£420
      • Belvedere Magnum£730
      • Belvedere Jeroboam£1,580
      • Belvedere Methuselah£2,900
      • Ciroc£400
      • Ciroc Redberry£430
      • Ciroc Mango£430
      • Ciroc Pineapple£430
      • Ciroc Peach£430
      • Ciroc Coconut£430
      • Ciroc Vodka Magnum£700
      • Ciroc Vodka Jeroboam£1,500
      • Ciroc Vodka Methuselah£2,900



      • Jack Daniels£400
      • Jack Daniels Single Barrel£460
      • Jack Daniels Magnum£680
      • Makers Mark£400
      • Woodford Reserve£370
      • Chivas 18£460
      • Chivas 25£960
      • Johnnie Walker Black£400
      • Johnnie Walker Gold£420
      • Johnnie Walker Blue£780
      • Johnnie Blue King George 5th*£2,800
      • Glenmorangie Original£400
      • Glenmorangie 18yr£760
      • Glenmorangie 25yr£2,880
      • McCallan 18£730
      • McCallan 30£4,400
      • Ardbeg 10yr£380
      • Haig Club£440
      • Hibiki 17£990
      • Yamazaki 12£650


      • Hennessy XO£630
      • Hennessy Paradise£1,650
      • Hennessy Paradis Imperial*£6,200
      • Richard Hennessy*£6,750
      • £


      • Pampero Aniversario£370
      • Ron Zacapa 23£460
      • Ron Zacapa XO£620
      • Bacardi Superior£350
      • Havana Club 7 Years£400



      • Nuits – Saint George£350


      • Meursalt£290


      • Sancerne£290

      Jimai Daiginjo:

      • Four Fox Sake (720ml)£450



      • Asahi£7.50


      • Red Bull£7
      • Red Bull Tropical£7
      • Red Bull Light£7


      • Voss Still Mineral Water (500 ml)£8
      • Voss Still Mineral Water (8 ml)£15


      • 30 Minutes£60
      • 1 Hour£120
      • All night£180
      • E-cigarettes£25



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